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Inaugural Deans and Arts Leaders’ Summit

Benjamin Woodroffe, WFIMC Secretary General, delivered the keynote address and jointly hosted the Inaugural Deans and Arts Leaders’ Summit in collaboration with the Schoenfeld International String Competition.

A terrific gathering of industry leaders and musicians was held during the recent Schoenfeld International String Competition to discuss the benefits and future directions of international music competitions. With a focus on China, the Summit considered the role and value of international competitions for musicians, for audiences, for cities and regions and for intercultural understanding.

Educators, broadcasters, media and music managers from Europe, Asia and North America strongly supported the broad outcomes of WFIMC Member Competitions.

The future of music-making and the mentoring of young artists is in good hands!

Introductory Message, Benjamin Woodroffe, Secretary General, WFIMC

2 thoughts on “Inaugural Deans and Arts Leaders’ Summit”

  • Fiona August 20, 2018 at 8:25 pm

    Hope can spread more Wilder because the audience are few, the World Federation of International Music Competitions really so good For musician, hope more people can learn knowledge ,

  • yue lu August 23, 2018 at 5:20 am

    I Think It Was A Great Success. Music Has No Borders. Harbin Is A City With A Strong Music Atmosphere. I Hope More And More Music Activities Will Be Held In Harbin. I hope to be a staff member again to serve you! I hope the activity will be better and better!

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